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With all the features you need

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Activity Log

Track a variety of activities with your pack members with custom types, photos, and descriptions.

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Recognize patterns in your dog's behavior and implement necessary changes into your daily schedule.

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Stay on top of things by adding reminders so you never forget to take your dog out.

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Stay in sync

Raising a dog with family members, dog walkers, or other caretakers? Invite them to join your pack and get notified whenever a new activity is logged.

Activity Tracking

Customize Activities

Add Photos and Descriptions

Bring your activity entries to life with photos and descriptions for the whole pack to see.

Custom Activities

In addition to a variety of premade activities, you can always create your own for your entire pack to use.

Custom Activity Types

Feeding your dog a variety of treats or teaching new tricks? Create custom activity types for more in-depth tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dog Assistant?

Dog Assistant is your solution to staying on top of your dog’s daily activities, leading to a more organized life for both dog and owner. Stay up to date on what your dog is up to, whether sleeping, walking, peeing, pooping, or anything else you wish to track. Features such as our activity log, patterns, and reminders will allow family, friends, and dog walkers to work together to manage your dog’s day to day activities.

How do I switch between dogs?

Tap on your dog’s name at the top of the screen to reveal the dog selection panel.

How do I invite members to join my pack?

Go to Settings > Manage Pack. Tap on “Generate Pack Code” to create a six character alphanumeric code. Share the code aloud or tap “Invite Members” and send the code. If you want to prevent users from joining your pack, tap on “Make Private” so nobody can join your pack until you generate a new code.

How do pack members take care of a dog together?

The activity log is crucial in ensuring that you and your pack are informed of your dog’s activities. If subscribed to a dog’s activity log, each member of the pack receives a notification every time a member inputs an activity. This allows all members to work together to effectively take care of your dog. Over time, you will see patterns which will help you efficiently manage your dog’s daily activities, including pee/poop, walk, play, training, eat/drink, and sleep schedules.

How do I customize activities on my calendar?

In the patterns tab, tap the filter icon in the top right corner. Change the number of days in the calendar or hour interval height by adjusting the sliders. Hide displayed activities by tapping the switch next to the activity name. Change activity colors by tapping on an activity and selecting text and background colors. These changes are device specific and will not affect other pack members.

How do I create a custom activity?

Go to your activity settings through the settings item in the activity bar or the settings tab. Tap the switch to hide activities in the activity bar. Long press and hold an activity to reorder activities in the activity bar. These changes are device specific and will not affect other pack members.

What happens if I delete my dog?

Deleting your dog will remove all members from the pack. You cannot view, export, or recover any of your dog’s data after deletion. So, be extra careful that you do not tap the delete button if you do not want this to occur.

How do I leave a pack?

Go to Settings > Manage Pack > Leave Pack. Leaving a pack will remove your access to the dog.

I'm unable to add photos. What should I do?

1) Go to your 'iPhone/iPad Settings > Dog Assistant > Photos'
2) Set photos access to 'All Photos' or 'Selected Photos'
1) Go to your 'Android Settings > Apps > Dog Assistant'
2) Select 'Permissions' in App info
3) Allow access to 'Storage'

How do I add a dog or join a pack?

After signing up, tap the Add Dog or Join Pack button in the dog selection panel. For joining a pack, enter the dog’s pack code generated by the owner of the pack.

How do I use the activity log?

Quickly add new activities by tapping an activity in the activity bar and filling out any information you would like to include.

What are the different pack roles?

Owner - Can create, edit, and delete activities and dogs. Can manage pack permissions (change editors to owners and vice versa).

Editor - Can create, edit, and delete activities. Can edit dog information. Cannot delete dogs or remove Owners from pack.

How do I identify patterns?

Tap the patterns tab to view your dog’s activities in a calendar. For those who are potty training, remember to record any accidents (“Is accident?” toggle for Pee and Poop when adding an activity) so that you can adjust the time and frequency that you take your dog out to the bathroom.

How do I view activity data on a line chart?

In the patterns tab, tap the line chart icon in the top right corner. You can select quantifiable activities (e.g. weight or any activities that have a unit of measurement) to view on the chart. Adjust the selected activity or dates by tapping on the respective edit icons.

How do reminders work?

A reminder will send you a notification at the time that you specify. The notification can be configured to be one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Reminders will not appear for the entire pack as they are device specific and intended only for the user who set the reminder.

How do I export my dog’s data?

Go to Settings > Export Data. Tap export data to generate a CSV to download to your device or share with other caretakers.

Why am I not receiving activity log push notifications?

Go to Settings > Push Notifications and verify that you are subscribed to a dog’s activity log. If you are subscribed and not receiving notifications, verify that notifications are enabled for Dog Assistant in your phone settings and check if you have a VPN enabled. Disable your VPN and restart the app so we’re able to retrieve your device token to send push notifications. You can re-enable it once you start receiving notifications.

If I subscribe to Dog Assistant Pro, do all my pack members also have the subscription?

The subscription upgrades the individual user account, not the pack. You gain access to the additional features for all packs you are part of.

If a user would like access to the additional features (e.g. patterns calendar, custom activities, push notifications, reminders, etc), they would have to subscribe or use Apple Family Sharing. Once you add the subscription to your family sharing account, family members will need to tap on "Restore Purchases" in the pricing screen to have access to the pro features.

Users who are not subscribed to Dog Assistant Pro can still join your pack and log activities.

How do I request a refund?

You must request a refund from Apple or Google as they handle payment.
Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084
Google: https://support.google.com/googleplay/workflow/9813244

How do I delete my account?

Go to Settings > Your Account > Edit Profile > Delete Account.


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Wall of Love

"This app has worked great for tracking and staying up to date on all the food, medicine, and potty breaks that our puppy requires. Especially for families or households that share puppy responsibilities, it’s nice to get home and be able to see if the dog has been fed or let out."


"This app is literally the only thing making her around the clock, nonstop care possible. I love the new features, it's so convenient to be able to add all of her medications to a list so I just have to click on it and check which 1 I administered instead of typing them out. I love the ability to add additional activities that we do often making it easy to track everything. Having multiple users be able to join her account makes it super easy to seamlessly pass her care from 1 person to the other. It also is really nice to be able to note trends in her schedule so we know what to expect and when something seems a bit off."

KMS Review

"Love the look and feel. Very intuitive and easy to use. It helped me to plan my dog’s walking schedule during potty training. My wife and I love the instant activity notifications the most. We also use the other functions to keep track of vaccinations, medications, grooming appts. This app is a lifesaver and really has made our lives easier raising our dog. Our vet was very impressed when we showed her this app. Thank you Dog Assistant team!!! Highly recommend for all dog owners."


"I’m not sure where to start but this app is literally a life saver. We’ve been users of the app for 5 years or so. We have a dog that has epilepsy and needs multiple medicines and basically everything about her life tracked throughout the day between two dog parents. I’m not sure how we would survive without this app it has literally been life changing. Thank you to the developers for making this."


"This is the best dog management app out there, and I have looked at and used many. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into creating this app as it addresses many of the needs of dog owners from puppy stage and beyond. Really happy with the developer response to my questions, too. Happy to support an independent app developer who is clearly a really good developer."


"I spent three days writing about the puppy's behavior and potty breaks on random scraps of paper and was losing my mind, especially in a sleep deprived haze. I tried a couple of other apps and it took too long to pull them up on my screen or figure them out. This one feels completely intuitive... I can capture potty breaks in the moment, log sleep times, and track patterns for all his activities. I had my dog crate trained within two days, we've had almost no accidents in the house, and I completely credit this app."